Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First love

To the people who is in a relationship with a person who never had a girlfriend. 
Which means in other words,
You are the first love of someone else's life. 

Never let them go.
No matter what happens.
They speak words of honesty.
Their compliments couldn't be more true.
They are so innocent and naive. 
It's fun to be around them.
They see you as their whole world.
They see you as their everything.
They love you with their entire hearts because someone hasn't broken theirs before. 
Their actions couldn't be truer.
Their love couldn't be more sincere.
What they miss the most is you.

If you ever had the chance to find someone like that. 
You can consider yourself the luckiest person in the whole wide world.

Because your other significant self just considered you as their bestfriend in the whole wide world.

I know this.
Because I fell in love with such a person. 
I do consider him as my bestfriend.
And also my last partner I'll ever have. 
The word "FOREVER" may or may not frighten him.
But this is a word I'll use for our relationship. 
And I hope, with all my heart that it stays that way. 

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